Funding of $8.5million to boost innovative Australian companies

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Entrepreneur Programme Grants
The Assistant Minister for Innovation, Wyatt Roy today announced that a further 10 Australian companies will receive commercialisation grants under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.
The $8.5 million has been offered to assist the 10 Australian companies launch their innovative products, processes or services into the global marketplace and help advance Australian industries. The products, processes or services include:

  • autonomous, robotic machines for use in agriculture
  • an internet enabled device for assisting movement and control of livestock
  • the world’s first modular hearing aid
  • 3D holographic room technology for the leisure and tourism market
  • greener, cheaper hull cleaning technology for marine vessels
  • state-of-the-art bone scan analysis software for bone health diagnosis and monitoring

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme commercialisation grants help Australian entrepreneurs, inventors and businesses address the challenges associated with commercialising novel intellectual property.
It aims to:

  • accelerate the commercialisation of novel intellectual property in the form of new products, processes and services
  • support new businesses based on novel intellectual property with high growth potential
  • generate greater commercial and economic returns from both public and private sector research and facilitate investment to drive business growth and competitiveness

Further information on Entrepreneurs’ Programme and the grant recipients is available on or call 13 28 46. Or give SolutionWise a call on 1300 695 684 if you would like to talk about your business opportunities under this programme.

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