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Then it could be time for you to join the SolutionWise team!


Enjoy the benefits of belonging to a professional organization with your own on call project team with the flexibility of continuing to run your own independent business consultancy.

Let’s face it, business consulting can be a tough and lonely place. You’re generally on your own to find prospects, book appointments, close the deal, manage the client and undertake all the necessary project work. Even for the most experienced and knowledgeable consultants this can be a difficult and daunting task. All on the back of building your business and brand amid a crowded and competitive market.

Diagnosing your client’s problems is one thing, finding the right people to deliver the solution is another. You may identify what needs to be done, however don’t possess the necessary experience.

Would you benefit from having a range of specialists to call in? People you can trust and work with side by side to deliver your client the best results.

Become part of a diverse network of professional consultants that can offer you and your client the knowledge and expertise from just about every field of business. Being an Associate of SolutionWise provides access to a wealth of industry experts while being part of a supportive team helping you identify and deliver the best solutions for your clients.

Successful client projects lead to delighted clients, longer more profitable engagements and more referrals which all add up to a healthier sustainable business consultancy – all because of your trusted network.

Your knowledge and experience is also added to the long list of specialist skills the SolutionWise Team can offer their clients. SolutionWise Associates are active consultants with their own roster of clients and would call on your expertise when required.

A true Win/Win for you, the client and other SolutionWise Associates. That’s working smarter – not harder…

So what else does SolutionWise offer me?

The SolutionWise team regularly present to and maintain relationships with professional groups, business organisations, industry leaders and other professional services and relevant Government agencies all on your behalf. It is these relationships that ultimately lead to a steady stream of consulting opportunities for the group and the ability to promote the SolutionWise brand.

As a SolutionWise Associate you’ll have access to this professional network, access to SolutionWise branded collateral, marketing initiatives and share in the market exposure and reputation the team has steadily built up over the years.

In addition to ongoing Associate communication, the SolutionWise team meets once a month on both the Gold Coast and Brisbane. These meetings allow for each Associate to educate the team about their specialist skills, introduce other guest speakers, promote the services of their clients and share valuable information from their fields of expertise. It also offers Associates the opportunity to share project opportunities and seek advise and assistance from the group.

SolutionWise can also offer you the highest level of business consultancy mentoring and support to ensure that your business has every chance of success. Remember our success is your success so we’ve got a vested interest in wanting you to succeed.

So now we’ve got your attention

If you would like to join SolutionWise and be part of a growing team of consulting professionals, then contact us on 1300 695 684 or Email SolutionWise and we’ll contact you for a confidential, no obligation, no pressure interview. Go ahead you’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

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  • Testimonials
    Danny has been our SolutionWise Business Consultant since October 2009. Since then with his guidance and access to many of his resources he has at his disposal we have certainly changed the direction and culture of our Company. We are more aware of how to seek the best options that are most effective and profitable for us.... View full...
    Thanks again for your help over the past year. You have helped us move in the right direction. Kim Davies – Business Owner (Bytes Dental) View full...
    We are so grateful to Arnold for his assistance in our medium size company. My wife and I attempted to run the business on our own but soon found we needed professional advice. Arnold assessed and introduced systems relevant to our industries to minimize... View full...
    When I decided to sell my business I needed help preparing it for sale. Arnold created the relevant documents ready to present to prospective buyers, meet with many interested parties and always presented the business in a highly professional manner and took ownership of the business sale right through to a successful sale. View full...
    You have got me out of “the sea of despond"! Helen Larkey – Senior Counsellor (Reconnect Counselling) View full...
    As a naturopath I like to get to the causal level of a persons’ health issues. Arnold does a similar thing with businesses. He exams all aspects of a business then priorities the trouble spots ‘hot spots’’ that need to be addressed , whilst he helps you formulate a success plan for the future. He has lots of experience and a wealth of other connections... View full...